and welcome to Neverseenbefore.net – the English version of my German main travel blog Neverseenbefore.de. I am happy to take you along on my travels!

Half of the year I travel on road trips, city trips and cruises to discover new places. I don’t have a particular favorite region. It has to be new, as the name of the travel blog already hints. 😉

Travel to me means to not simply have been there. I want to immerse myself in the country, get to know the people, taste the local food and not see only the beautiful corners. Therefore, I usually spend a longer period time in a destination.

It would also bring me joy, if you get one or two tips for planning your vacation from my travelogues. You can gladly comment on my posts and send me questions and suggestions via the contact form.

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Now please enjoy browsing my site.

Yours truly, Anja Lehmann


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