Our road trip through the south of England continues to Eastbourne. From Canterbury we drive towards the coast. We would actually like to make a stop in Hastings, but the Pier is currently being restored there. So we go on to Pevensey Bay, where we eat at Rose’s tasty fish and chips. In the evening we reach the seaside resort in the county of East Sussex.

We leave behind the big Victorian style hotels directly on the seafront. In Eastbourne we opted to go all British for a night in a bed and breakfast. The Guesthouse East is located in a listed Regency villa. Our room, with kitchen, on the top floor is functionally furnished. We are warmly welcomed by the owners Sarah and Carl, and immediately get recommendations for a few good pubs in South Street.

The Guesthouse EastWe, however, prefer to go to the water. From Guest House we walk in just a minute to the English Channel. In another 5 minutes we already arrive at the Eastbourne Pier. It is mild outside so we stroll in the moonlight along the promenade.

Eastbourne Pier by NightThe next morning the seagulls wake us and we’re looking forward to breakfast. Carl’s famous porridge was highly recommended to us. Yummy!

The weather is fantastic! The sun is shining, the sky is blue; we did not expect that at the end of October in England. We go happily again to the 8 km long pebble beach and the waterfront. To the right lies the music pavillion “Bandstand”, left goes to the pier.

The atmosphere is quiet and peaceful, except for us, only a few people are about, they sit in the cafes and enjoy the autumn sunshine. In the center of the 300 m long pier is a small tea room and at the end are people fishing. From here we can see the chalk cliffs.

We take advantage of the clear view and continue towards Beachy Head. The 162-meter-high chalk cliffs are the largest in Great Britain. Sarah gave us a tip not to go to the first parking lot. A little further you can park for free. From the parking lot we walk right through lush green meadows to Beachy Head cliff. Wow, the view over the valleys and along the coast is gigantic! The perfect place for long walks.

South England CoastWhen we reach the cliffs and discover the lighthouse standing in the sea, it hits me. What a fantastic place on earth! We are really lucky, because Beachy Head likes to hide in fog.

Beachy Head, South EnglandOn a small trail that begins right at the parking lot, we also have a nice view back toward Eastbourne.

We follow Beachy Head Road to the west and stop at Birling Cap. Here awaits a beautiful view of the chalk cliffs, Seven Sisters. In the cafe we get coffee and a slice of Victoria sponge that we enjoy in the sun. Over the hilly greens is our next stop: The lively seaside resort of Brighton awaits!

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