It’s Christmas market time! This means lots of tasty treats, hot chocolate, stalls, crafts and tempting smells. Now take all of this and pack it in, with atmospheric lighting, into an amusement park. Perfect!


Two years ago we already spent an evening in the wonderfully Christmas-decorated Europa-Park. From the moment you enter this Christmas Wonder World it is simply magical. Directly at the entrance awaits a typical Christmas market.


This year we do not buy the evening ticket (starting from 4 pm, 19-euro entrance). We are there already at lunch time and buy a day ticket for 35 euro per person. A group of five and with a baby, we want to have enough time to explore everything and to ride neck-breaking rides like the children’s carousel and Piccolo Mondo. 😉

We start with a train ride in the EP-Express to get an overview of the extensive park.


From Euro-Tower you can enjoy a 360-degree view.

Europa-Park from Above

Then we go on foot and enjoy the successful mixture of lovely Christmas decorations and fun.

A few rides are not open in winter. E.g. the waterways and the Silver Star. The Blue Fire mega coaster and the Wodan wooden railway are in operation.

Blue Fire Europa-Park

Wodan Europa-Park

In the evening there is also a light show.

The elaborate lighting naturally comes out better in the dark and makes for a great atmosphere.

Although we spend 5 hours in the park, in the end we run out of time. So plan plenty of time; there is a lot to see. And no, it is not just for children. 😉

We spend the night in a pension hotel in Rust, as the next day we will travel 50 km to Strasbourg in France. There, it should be especially beautiful during the Christmas season.

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